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Small Light Bulbs Can Be Full of Romance

Distinctive people who were born in the 1990s and 2000s are used to take complete control of their lives instead of indulging in a life based on a predesigned template.   A product that can help them get this kind of feeling would be very popular.

So let us say goodbye to machine-made lamps and return to hand-made ones.

This type of lamp could be assembled from the necessary parts and equipments provided by us. Making favorite things personally could bring you a lot of fun.

This multifunctional lamp, beautiful and comfortable, could help creating an excellent reading surrounding inside the chamber. It could also be used as an adjustable lamp which can produce either faint halo of light or ambient light through adjusting the length of control lines.

There are three movable sockets at the bottom of the lamp holder, which brings you opportunities to make a beautiful architectural lamp by yourself.

This Splyt Light makes branches of the tree as the core of creativity. It could be assembled from many Y-connectors and light bulbs and could be recombined and reconnected over and over again. At the same time, this kind of lamp can be reassembled into a table lamp or a chandelier.

Lighting dealers, lamp repair and small appliance repair specialists know that not all electrical cord plugs are the same. JAMES Supply offers a great selection of wholesale lamp plugs, and electrical cord plugs that are designed for many different applications including simple lamp plug replacement. We have a great selection of Light socket extender, perfect for led bulbs and Incandescent, our range includes, Light socket with plug, Light bulb plug adapter, light bulb socket outlet, Light socket with cord and plug and much more.

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