B22 Bayonet Cap

B22 Bayonet Cap

B22 Bayonet Cap lamp cap
Certificate: CE and RoHS
Voltage: 250V
Working Current:4-6A
Material: Nickel brass, FerroUS Nickel plated Bayonet Cap
Feature: Safe, durable,cost-effective
Bayonet Cap Types: Solder free b22 Bayonet Cap
Carton Size: 51*31*30cm
Quantity per CTN: 2500pcs.

B22 Bayonet Caps for led bulbs

B22 Bayonet Cap with its familiar “push and twist” action, “bayonet cap” (also known as BC or B22d) is used on most regular light bulbs. It is 22mm diameter and with two locating lugs.

The “small b22 bayonet cap” (SBC or B15d) is very similar but only 15mm across.
Although generally used for mains voltage lamps, the SBC fitting can also be found in a very small number of specialist low voltage halogen lamps.

There are also many other “BC” variants including the 3-pin BC, B22d-3 Bayonet Cap sometimes used on Fireglow lamps but perhaps more commonly on High pressure mercury lamps for industrial applications. The BY22d is used on some low-pressure sodium (SOX) lamps.
B22 Bayonet Caps
B22 lamp: the lamp a lamp is connected to the end of the lamp cord, interface for installing the lamp, fixed the lights in parts of the lamp so that the lamp power supply connected to the lamp holder. Electric light the lamp holder naming method. Related Symbol Meaning: B bayonet lamp cap, B behind the digital representation of the diameter of the housing, such as: B22D/25 × 26 - means with two contact pieces, a bayonet lamp holders of a diameter of approximately 22mm; total length of about 25mm, skirts diameter of about 26mm.

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