Ceiling keyless light socket Mount Glazed 660 Watt

porcelain keyless light socket white

Ceiling keyless light socket Mount Glazed led Incandescent 660 Wat Medium Base White
Ceiling keyless light socket specification:
Model # 9874
Perfect for closets, basements, Utility rooms
2 Terminal Screws with Cage Lip
Fits 3-1/4" Outlet Boxes,the diameter of the base is 3-3/4"
Max. Lamp Wattage: 660W

keyless light socket color box

Mounting Type: Twist-lock
Item Weight    6.4 ounces
Package Dimensions    3.8 x 3.8 x 1.8 inches
China manufacturer    JAMES
Color    White
Material    Porcelain
Item Package Quantity    1
Type of Bulb    Incandescent
Warranty:    3 year limited.

Ceiling keyless light socket Mount Glazed 660 Watt

1) keyless light socket binding Screw Terminals
2)keyless light socket screwshell: Aluminum alloy or bronze or copper or copper with nickel plate by customer's requirement.
3) Spec of lead wires:  # 18AWG, 16AWG, 14AWG UL1015, 105ºC white by customer's requirement.

JAMES produces led socket for virtually every light source equipped with led,
incandescent, fluorescent or CFL lamps. Light bulb socket include keyless light socket and specialty sizes and fluorescent lamp holder, in addition to a large line of porcelain light socket including pulse-rated mogul-base products and an extensive selection of devices for high-intensity lamps.
keyless light socket Mount Glazed led Incandescent 660 Wat Medium Base White

James keyless light socket advantages:
A: Diffcult to aging and high temperature.
B: Various style, color and sizes can be customized.
C: Excellent quality, competitive price, good reputation and prompt delivery time.
D: We can make different forms of packing as you need.
E: Delivery time: Prompt delivery, 30days after receive the deposit.
F: Popular in both domestic and overseas market.

keyless light socket packing box

Nickel-plated brass screw shell will not corrode.
For Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Agricultural Lighting Applications.
Fits 3.25” or 4” outlet box.
UV resistant keyless light socket will not fade or discolor.
Optional Plastic and Metal Safety Cages fit all Lamp Holders.
Includes corrosion resistant mounting screws.
Meets the requirements of the 2018 National Electrical Code:
Part Numbers: 16500, 16502, and 16514 - Articles 410.74(A)(B) and 410.122.
Part Numbers: 16520 and 16522 - Articles 410.52, 410.74(A)(B) and 410.122.

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