E27 porcelain keyless lamp holder Keyless Screw Terminals white

porcelain keyless lamp holder

e27 e26 porcelain keyless lamp holder 600-Watt 250-Volt Outlet Box Lamp holder, Porcelain Receptacle, Keyless Screw Terminals, White, Model#R50-49875-000

porcelain keyless lamp holder features:
Porcelain Receptacle Keyless - A standard Porcelain Receptacle Keyless.
600 Watt 250 Volt porcelain keyless lamp holder
Top Wire Design

Certificates: CE and RoHs
HS Code: 8536610000
Factory: Yes
OEM: accepted
Payment term : T/T ; LC ; Western union ; Paypal
Delivery time : Samples order 3-5 days ; Large order 15-30 working days.

E27 porcelain keyless lamp holder Keyless Screw Terminals white

porcelain keyless lamp holder description
Porcelain Keyless Socket with Twist Lock Mounting. Medium Base. Fit 3-1/4” or 4” Box.
4-1/2” Outside Diameter. UL Listed.
Working: Current 4A
Material: Porcelain/Ceramic
Metal Material: Iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, copper plating, zinc plating,
Porcelain Body: not glazed
Screw Shell: E14 zinc-plating iron/copper-plating iron/brass/aluminum
Center Contact: Copper/iron copper plating/stainless steel
Center Piece: Copper/iron copper plating/stainless steel
Terminal: Copper/zinc alloy
Contaction Screw:Copper/zinc alloy.

porcelain keyless lamp holder box

JAMES recommends using only porcelain keyless lamp holder for poultry farming applications. The lamp holder must be installed in a manner that will not permit dust or moisture to enter the junction box. In addition, the porcelainporcelain keyless lamp holder must be mounted vertically with the lamp positioned below the lamp holder on a water-tight, dust-tight non-metallic junction box with an effective gasket between the junction box

JAMES porcelain keyless lamp holder packing box

Nickel-plated brass screw shell will not corrode.
For Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Agricultural Lighting Applications.
Fits 3.25” or 4” outlet box.
UV resistant porcelain keyless lamp holder will not fade or discolor.
Optional Plastic and Metal Safety Cages fit all Lamp Holders.
Includes corrosion resistant mounting screws.
Meets the requirements of the 2018 National Electrical Code:
Part Numbers: 16500, 16502, and 16514 - Articles 410.74(A)(B) and 410.122.
Part Numbers: 16520 and 16522 - Articles 410.52, 410.74(A)(B) and 410.122.

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