Lamp cap

Lamp cap Tin-soldering free weld bulb socket for led bulbs: Model Tin-soldering lamp cap; Material Nickel brass,Iron Nickel plated; Feature: Safe, durable,cost-effective; Types: Tin-soldering free weld bulb socket lamp cap copper plated weld wire.

LED Sockets Types: B Bayonet Collar Base; E Edison Screw Light Base; F Single Pin Type Base; G Multiple Pin Type Light Bulb Base; K Cable Connections; P Pre-focused Light Base; R Recessed Contact(s) Base; S Shell-type Light Bulb Base; T Telephone Slide Base; W Wedge Base; X Special Type Lightbulb Base. We have a great selection of lamp cap, Perfect for led incandescent bulbs, our range includes,  E27 lamp cap, B22 Bayonet Cap, E14 lamp cap and much more.

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