keyless light fixture 2 terminal screws Fits 3-1/4

plastic keyless light fixture

660-Watt Medium Base One-Piece Single Circuit keyless light fixture Outlet Box Mount Plastic LED/Incandescent Lampholder, White
Perfect for closets, basements, Utility rooms
2 terminal screws
Fits 3-1/4 in. or 4 in. outlet boxes
Fits outlet box Size: 3-1/4 or 4 Inch
Model # 8829-CW1

keyless light fixture 2 terminal screws Fits 3-1 4

The  keyless light fixture is a led/incandescent lamp holder in white color. JAMES is a smart choice for today's commercial, residential and industrial buildings. It offers a wide range of devices for different applications. James' lamp holders are suitable for practically every light source equipped with led, fluorescent, incandescent, or CFL lamps.

Keyless light fixture conditions:
(1) MOQ:1000PCS.
(2) Payment terms:T/T OR L/C at sight
(3) Delivery time: 25days
(4) Loading Port:Fuzhou Port,China
keyless light fixture 660 watt medium base outlet box

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We have a great selection of keyless light fixture, perfect for led bulb or incandescent lamp, our range includes, light bulb socket with pull chain, keyless light socket, plastic and much more.

keyless light fixture color box

Keyless light fixture replacement tips:
Step 1: a male electric outlet cord, a new keyless light fixture, and a flat head screwdriver.
Step 2: The First Thing You Need to Do Is,  pry the end cap off with a flat-head screwdriver: put aside.
Step 3: Slide It Out  slide out the socket with your fingers: put aside the socket & metal casing.
Step 4: Striping the Wires  strip about 4/5in. of insulation off of the wire.
Step 5: Sliding the Wires Through  slid the wires through the end cap.

JAMES keyless light fixture exported carton

Nickel-plated brass screw shell will not corrode.
For Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Agricultural Lighting Applications.
Fits 3.25” or 4” outlet box.
UV resistant keyless light fixture will not fade or discolor.
Optional Plastic and Metal Safety Cages fit all Lamp Holder.
Includes corrosion resistant mounting screws.
Meets the requirements of the 2018 National Electrical Code:
Part Numbers: 16500, 16502, and 16514 - Articles 410.74(A)(B) and 410.122.
Part Numbers: 16520 and 16522 - Articles 410.52, 410.74(A)(B) and 410.122.

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