led festoon lighting outdoor

led festoon lighting outdoor for led bulbs

led festoon lighting outdoor vintage patio festoon Bistro String light
outdoor use IP 67 led festoon lighting outdoor belt light in holiday lighting
Weatherproof Commercial led festoon lighting outdoor.

led festoon lighting outdoor SPECIFICATION:
2.total length is 100m for one set,
3.total 500 lamp sockets,socket per 30cm,
4,with 1.5m long power cord+EU Plug,
5,at the end of the light have waterproof end cap,waterproof,IP44,
6,socket is E27,
7, wire: pvc wire, black, white or transparent.
led festoon lighting outdoor
led festoon lighting outdoor models as below:
100m with 100 Lamp-sockets,230V,static effect,Lamp-socket spacing is 100cm
100m with 250 Lamp-sockets,230V,static effect,Lamp-socket spacing is 40cm
100m with 334 Lamp-socket,230V,static effect,Lamp-socket spacing is 30cm
100m with 500 Lamp-socket,230V,static effect,Lamp Socket spaing is 20cm
led festoon lighting outdoor Aplication:
Widely be used in decorative ,like building,street ,tree,bridge,wedding, and many indoor and outdoor place.
led festoon lighting outdoor China manufacturer
led festoon lighting outdoor Specifications:
Product material: PVC
Socket material: Copper E27
Wire color: Black
Water resistance: IP55
Input power: AC 220-250W
Plug type: UK, EU (optional)
Wire diameter: 1cm / 0.4in
Total length: 24ft
Item weight: 3.9 Pounds
Product Dimensions: 13.9*10.2*5 inches

led festoon lighting outdoor Features:
Durable Heavy-duty light sockets ensures longer life in all weather conditions.
Easy and convenient to install and just screw bulbs into the empty sockets, no tools required.
Strong illumination: maximum wattage for per light string is 1800W, practical and nice-looking.
Vintage commercial string lights with 24 sockets can be used in gardens, porches, decks, etc.
Great ornaments to create the festival atmosphere of Christmas so you can enjoy the visual feast.

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